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  • From Valerie Parker

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    Seminar Title: Perceptions of the professionalisation and future of social care workers in Ireland. Summary: In spite of the inclusion of social care worker in the…
  • From Anne Marie Gilmore

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    Training video on how to complete an online contract set up form for Teaching Support Staff
  • From Valerie Parker

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    Seminar Title: Stakeholder-driven development of Motivational Communication, a behaviour change counseling training for healthcare professionalsSummary: A global view of…

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  • From Student Counselling

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    This video explains the NUI Galway free and confidential counselling service on campus to help students who are experiencing difficulty at college. It introduces the…
  • From Jonathan Richardson

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  • From Chaplaincy Service

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    NUI Galway video clip for Mental Health Week

Open Science and Scholarship

  • From Kristopher Meen

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    Part 2 of Getting Started with Open Press focuses on adding different types of content. Learning outcomes include:Adding parts and chapters in the Organise tab Adding…
  • From Kristopher Meen

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    Part 1 of tutorial on Getting Started with Open Press at NUI Galway. Learning outcomes include:Starting a new book using Pressbooks Adding information about a book…
  • From Hardy Schwamm

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    In the European Commission’s Digital Economy and Society Index (DESI) rankings Ireland was ranked fifth for 2021 and has scored well in the digital public services…

Technology Enhanced Learning Tutorials

  • From Aidan O'Callaghan

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  • From Aidan O'Callaghan

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  • From Jeremiah Spillane

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    by Mirka Donohue (Turning Technologies) 28 Sept. 2021 Turning (formerly known as TurningPoint) from Turning allows instructors to ask participants interactive…